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B.SIDE is a Gemini nominated and award winning design studio that conceives, develops and translates ideas from conception into Moving Design.

B.SIDE Conceives... wherein forming and understanding mental concepts and abstractions. A seemingly random yet always organic process from which all things originate. An intricate pattern of correlations that culminates in the foundation of every idea.

B.SIDE Creates... through our human intervention and artistic imagination. Through the confident collaboration of various influences in harnessing the potential of an idea, it is the process by which all concepts manifest.

B.SIDE Incites... the inspiration brought forward through the process of creation. The catalyst to further conceptualize and the motivation to create Moving Design.

B.SIDE Is... the fluid nature of this creative process which allows for the limitless exploration of the potential of an idea, resulting in the strongest possible solution for a visually unique, impactful, and resounding presence.


Boyan Stergulc

Creative Director

Two Gemini nominations for Best Achievement in a Main Title Design, and extensive contributions to award-winning television programming have made Boyan a respected and talented industry creative. Founder of design animation studio, B.SIDE Inc., Boyan’s respected dedication and creative vision have been loyally trusted in branding, creatively developing and producing on-air packages and episodic segments for some of the most-watched televison programs in Canada. His ability to quickly envision an idea comes from his appreciation for the details that surround him, opening his mind to the potential that lies within even the smallest seed of an idea. Boyan dives into every project like a kid in a sandbox; his creativity is fresh and inspiring, his drive is limitless, and his incredible abilities are truly unique… key ingredients to keeping clients extremely happy and coming back time and again. Boyan is also Co-Founder and Creative Director of B.SMART Productions Inc. - An extension of B.SIDE dedicated to creating original content that is visually compelling, intellectually inspiring, conscientious and emotive for all audiences. B.SMART Productions Inc. is currently producing its inaugural television series, B.SMART which paves the path to being smarter than we've ever imagined! And when the week is complete, the greatest pay-off to all this incredibly gratifying work is breaking out and exploring the open county roads on his naked, blacked-out bruiser.

Abigail Pinto Correia

Executive Producer

Co-founder and Executive Producer of B.SIDE Inc., Abigail fully immerses herself in the development, art direction and management of every project. A diligent producer who understands her clients, her team, and the requirements of every assignment, Abigail communicates with calm, clarity and confidence - enabling fluidity and efficiency to mandate the experience from start to finish. A volunteer and mentor to local elementary students, Abigail fully embraced the opportunity to produce a 5-minute animated short for the UN World Environment Day Film Festival which was proudly selected for screening at the AGO in Toronto. Abigail's attentiveness is steering and her warm personality is contagious as she welcomes each and every client (and student!) to B.SIDE as family. Abigail is Co-Founder and Executive Producer of our promising new sister company, B.SMART Productions Inc. which is currently in development/production of the fun, fast-paced, action-packed explainimation series, B.SMART. A forward-thinking and captivating show that uses the latest technology to make the road to knowledge the wildest ride it’s ever been - It's Pop Science at its very best! And yes, that charming token of good will and auspicious fortune (i.e.: the colourfully painted iconic Portuguese Galo de Barcelos) is a staple component of Abigail's personal and workspace environments. But it's got to be pointing towards a window.... Just sayin'!


B.SIDE is Your One-Stop Studio

B.SIDE sees the world as an endless canvas of creative opportunities... A tapestry of visual ideas to be explored, examined, thoroughly imagined and fully realized. We think of ourselves as brand imagineers harnessing various forms of motion media and fostering a clear, concise and thoroughly creative message. Servicing the Broadcast, Commercial, Corporate and Film Industries, here’s why B.SIDE is your one-stop studio ::


  • Brand Identities

    Brand identity lays a foundation for brand-building, identifying the tools and building blocks, and illustrating the construction of strong brands through timeless design. B.SIDE demonstrates core identity design principles through a clear, organized structure, and with a variety of sources and samples.
  • Creative Conception

    B.SIDE understands client messaging, audience demographics and the means by which to communicate effectively. These key factors help anchor our creative vision in proposing a visual language that is distinctive, relevant and impactful.
  • Live Action Directing & Storyboarding

    B.SIDE connects with our work through a monitor and even more-so with our subject through a lens. B.SIDE is personable, committed and understanding, allowing for a fluid experience of storyboarding our intentions or simply allowing the experience to inspire our next steps.
  • Photography & Film

    Utilizing a variety of Canon 5D camera lenses, B.SIDE provides clients with beautiful captures in both photography & footage formats that communicate compelling, intimate, and awe-inspiring experiences.
  • Sound Design

    Working alongside an award-winning team of musicians and composers, the visual language created by B.SIDE is further enhanced by the tone and sensibility that is heard and felt through sound design.
  • 3D Modeling & VFX

    B.SIDE is fluently versed in Cinema 4D, bringing to life a creative array of 3D aesthetics and styles that include epic 3D Titling, Low Polygon Design, and Sketch & Toon just to name a few. B.SIDE also facilitates in true-to-life VFX that seamlessly pass for in-camera captures.


  • Compositing

    B.SIDE combines visual elements from separate sources into single images, creating the illusion that all elements live together in the same scene. Artistic comprehension of textures, lighting and spatial environments allow for a seamless picture to come to life.
  • Design & Animation

    With an ear to the ground on what is current and where design is heading, B.SIDE is deeply versed in the principles of good design. Our production tools are current and our eagerness to learn more is ongoing, allowing for an array of animation styles to come to life. Our pixel enthusiasm complements the evolving world of digital communications through the art of stellar design and world-class animation.
  • Editing

    B.SIDE firmly believes that every frame counts, and when it comes to editing we purposefully compliment picture with sound to fortify the essence of your message. Not only do we create Moving Design through the vehicle of animation but we are proud in our success of creating Design that Moves You.
  • On-line, On-site & Outdoor Digital Media

    B.SIDE extends it’s production to multiple platforms of communication that are tailored to further communicate your messaging to online users, on-site at retail and public locations of commerce, and in urban centers equipped with outdoor digital advertising boards.
  • On-Site Co-Directing Consultation

    B.SIDE assists Directors with big-picture frameworks and visual requirements associated with the graphic packaging and design aesthetic of a project; forecasting necessary lighting, lens framing, and effectively communicating with subjects in capturing personality and emotion.
  • Outstanding Client Care

    B.SIDE welcomes every new project with enthusiasm, transparency and commitment, and this is evident in our high volume of repeat clients we have the privilege of collaborating with. Well beyond our dates of delivery, B.SIDE is always present to ensure our clients are cared for, and that their products and projects are successfully executed.


  • Broadcast

    Architect Films
    Aquila Productions
    Bell Media
    Breakthrough Films & TV
    Canwest Global
    Comedy Network
    Corus Entertainment
    CTV / Astral Media
    Discovery Channel
    Food Network
    History Channel
    InSight Productions
    Pixcom Productions
    Shaw Media
    Temple Street Productions
    Zone 3 Productions

  • Commercial

    Bell Media
    Country Style
    Credit Union of BC
    National Post
    Square One
    The Movie Network
    Yuk Yuk’s Entertainment

  • Corporate

    Argent Financial
    Bos Toronto
    Mortgage Intelligence
    Nature Conservancy of Canada
    PLAN Canada
    Whizbang Films
    York University

  • Film

    2002 :: Formula 51 / The 51st State
    2003 :: Owning Mahowny
    2004 :: The End of Suburbia
    2005 :: A Wing & A Prayer
    2006 :: Run Robot Run
    2006 :: Spymate
    2009 :: Hard Boiled Eggs
    2010 :: Welcome To Democracy
    2011 :: Customer (Dis)Service
    2012 :: Old Stock
    2013 :: Shatner's World
    2014 :: The Nature Club Report

"B.SIDE animation is responsive, collaborative, fast and most importantly always delivers work that totally exceeds expectations. The thought and polish that goes into their preliminary work helps sell their ideas through to easy approvals."

Blair Harley, Executive Producer
Recipe to Riches on CBC
Donut Showdown on Food Network/Cooking Channel


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To Find Us


North Liberty Centre
358 Dufferin Street :: Studio 202
Toronto ON M6K 1Z8




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B.SMART Productions Inc.

North Liberty Centre
358 Dufferin Street :: Studio 202
Toronto ON M6K 1Z8