Home To Win (S1)

Project Description

Home To Win is a new powerhouse reality series on HGTV Canada that offers Canadian viewers the opportunity to compete for the biggest prize in the history of HGTV Canada – a gorgeous, fully-renovated, fully-furnished home!

B.SIDE Inc. was honoured to be called in by the executive big guns to not only brand their epic series, but to creatively conceive the tone and feel with a never-before-seen on-air sensibility, and develop and produce custom-tailored graphics for this spectacular and dramatic first-ever series of its kind. While it wasn’t the house itself, we’re all very proud of what we built!

Broadcaster :: HGTV Canada/Global/Shaw
Client :: Architect Films
B.SIDE :: Creative Concept & Development, Branding, 3D Modeling, Compositing, Editing, Design & Animation