Never Ever Do This At Home (S1)

Project Description

The North American premiere of Never Ever Do This At Home was as successful in its ratings as it was in bringing the house down… literally! Over the course of thirteen episodes, our hosts, Teddy Wilson and Norm Sousa challenged all warning lables found on commonly used household materials, and did exactly what they’re not supposed to, so that you don’t have to!

Take for instance an atomizer… they’re everywhere from your shower head, perfume bottle and yes, even your atlete’s foot spray. Watch how our hosts, Teddy and Norm add a little spark to fire things up, and if under the right conditions these mini dust explosions can be strong enough to bring the house down!

To view the complete library of science animations from Season 1,  visit our Vimeo channel here.  Enjoy!

Broadcaster :: Discovery Channel
Client :: InSight Productions
Music & Sound Design :: Orin Isaacs
B.SIDE :: Creative Concept & Development, Design & Animation