B.SIDE is proud to announce how its involvement in the 2011 National Aboriginal Achievement Awards has been recognized by the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television as a Gemini Award Nominee for Best Achievement in a Main Title Design. The honourable nod is the second for B.SIDE Creative, Boyan Stergulc.

Creative Director of the 18th Annual NAAA Opening Animation, Boyan generated scenes using unique and richly diverse designs, utilizing the color, tone and geometric aesthetic often found in the Aboriginal Parfleche; an age-old cultural icon traditionally representative of individual, unique and personal life stories. The title design, based on much of the same pattern-and-color design principle, served to enhance the overall show package and further communicate the potential within every individual, most notably the Aboriginal recipients of the 2011 award show.

“For the past few years B.SIDE has produced the graphic package for the Gemini Industry Night Galas, and it was a pretty cool feeling to be in attendance in 2009 watching my work on-screen while being one of the first five ever nominated in the debut award category, Best Achievement in a Main Title Design. This is my second nomination in just three years and I gotta say… this is sweet.”

The 26th Annual Gemini Awards Industry Gala will take place on Wednesday August 31st, 2011. B.SIDE thanks all those who have shared their congratulatory well wishes, and reciprocates the same warmth to all fellow 2011 Gemini Nominnees.